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Software Applications




BarMirror Wine Journal

 (Freeware Version)


Wine journal application allowing you to store information on wines in a database. Features include:

  • Store wine information including tasting notes, image and overall rating.
  • Option to search for a specific wine.
  • Filter wines displayed by type. 


RicRac Backup

 (Freeware Version)


Simple backup application, allowing the user to add directories to the backup list and backup file changes since a specific date. Options include the ability to only backup specified file types.



RicRac Stopwatch

 (Freeware Version)


Simple stopwatch application, features include:

  • Standard stopwatch or countdown option.
  • Minimize into the system tray.
  • System tray tool tip time displayed.
  • Option to always be on top of windows.


RicRac Passwords

 (Freeware Version)


Application to store information on passwords and login info. Uses AES encryption to encrypt all passwords. This application is useful to store web site logins.




RicRac Task Tracker

 (Coming Soon)


Task tracker application is designed to help manage your tasks and jobs better, it includes the following features:

  • Job Database - record each task, allocates a job reference, store job information including client, status and notes.
  • Client Database. 
  • Store addtional information on hardware. 
  • Easy to use interface





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