RicRac Password Application

Password application is designed to store login information and passwords. It uses AES encryption to store passwords and descriptions.




 Main Password Screen

The main screen contains a list of companies and descriptions with the options to add edit and delete


 Password Edit Dialog

The edit dialog displays all the information about the password details, this includes:

  • Company section allowing companies to be categorised e.g. banking
  • Web site including the option to visit the web site with 1 click.
  • 3 passwords with descriptions.
  • Company notes which is useful for any other login information. 

 Password Login Dialog

This dialog is the first dialog displayed when opening the application. To enter the application a user name and password is required. There is the option to store the user name so only the password needs to be entered.



Download Freeware Version


Legal Warning: Use of this software is illegal in countries where encryption is outlawed. If in doubt seek legal advice before downloading it.